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The GCT SME is a centrally hosted IP Telephony solution designed for small to medium business and Local Government. It carries all the features and benefits of its big brother GCT CaaS but with the small price tag.

The GCT SME is designed as a pay by the month solution which can be configured without any CapEx component only fixed monthly charges plus, of course, call charges. There is no monthly telephone line rental charge as the GCT SME uses a common IP telephony access into the public telephone network. The GCT SME is suitable for organisations up to 100 to 150 desk tops across multiple sites throughout Australia and even overseas.

The advantages of the GCT SME over legacy on-site telephone systems includes:

- Never Grow Old technology 
- Latest technology today and tomorrow 
- Lowest operating cost 
- Monthly contracts only 
- Accesses the competitive GCT mobile, fixed voice and Internet rate plans 
- Feature packs similar to its big brother GCT CaaS 
- Choice of IP handsets either rented or purchased 
- User training 
- Virtually no installation required 

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