In legacy solutions, the telephone system core switch, server farm and the gateways to the public telephone network were located on each site. This equipment required floor space, air conditioning, lighting, maintenance and insurance etc to ensure optimal operation.

In the GCT CaaS model this equipment is located within the GCT N+1 data centre in easy reach of the expert vendors and within a far more secure environment than on site. Also the one GCT solution being the latest State Of The Art IP Telephony call manager serves all sites bringing all into the one on-net solution.

This concept allows GCT clients to access features and applications on a “Communications as a Service” or “Pay as you Use” basis. This is commonly referred to as the “Communications Cloud”. The GCT CaaS is competitive for organisations with more than 100 desk tops up to 30,000+. The advantages of the GCT CaaS over legacy on-site telephone systems includes:



Never Grow Old technology
Latest technology today and tomorrow
Lowest operating cost
Accesses the competitive GCT mobile, fixed voice and Internet rate plans
Feature packs based upon unit monthly charges
Choice of IP handsets either rented or purchased
Full User and Administrator training
Virtually no installation costs
Video Conference Room
Call Centre inbound and outbound
IVR and Voice Recognition
Many other features both large and small




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